Garbage Mitts®

From humble beginnings to Manitoba icon.

For over eighty years the Raber family has taken the utmost pride in producing this homely, yet highly-esteemed mitt. It’s part of our legacy as a 100% Canadian company and is part of Manitoba’s history as well, (it’s actually even listed as a “Manitoba-ism”.) First manufactured for City of Winnipeg “Garbagemen”, who spent long days working outside in Winnipeg winters, this mitt is a marvel of warmth and indestructibility.

It began as a simple, unlined cowhide mitt with a removable liner—tough on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. And it soon proved it’s worth, keeping hands warm and protected while standing up to the rigors of a full day’s work. It is a nostalgic fact that many kids wore Garbage Mitts® instead of hockey gloves, especially in pickup games of street hockey.

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